​The A – Z of art making in the city

Mail & Guardian | Kwanele Sosibo:

When the Post-Its exhibition was staged at Constitution Hill in July this year, the media storm concentrated on Ayanda Mabulu’s painting of Athul Gupta and president Jacob Zuma engaged in a sexual act, effectively turning the group exhibition into a one-man show.

In spite of that erasure, Alphabet Zoo’s colourful aerosol stencils, presented on portable plywood, reflected on the fleetingness of black middle class life by bringing the street art of culture jamming into the gallery. They juxtaposed the white figures in popular, largely black-consumed brands such as Kentucky, Joshua Doore, Bakers Biscuits and GrandPa with blackface equivalents, replacing, for instance, the Bakers man’s wares with a Bible and a pile of shit… Read more

Image: Isaac Zavale and Minenkulu Ngoyi of Alphabet Zoo