1 // A2Z Café: Castleton

Omelets, eggs benedict, chicken & waffles, they’ve got all the breakfast staples you could ever want in this quaint little café and they always have local art on the walls. It’s typically modern art which fits the chintzy ambience of the café and the staff is always friendly enough to chat with you about the art if they’re not too busy.

2 // Café Patachou: SoBro / Mile Square

The place that started Martha Hoover’s restaurant empire in Indianapolis still celebrates the artists around Indy by showing and selling their art. Both the downtown location and the original spot at 49th and Penn have unique and interesting art and as with every Patachou restaurant, they offer tasty, sustainable and local fare.

3 // Calvin Fletcher’s: Fletcher Place

This coffeeshop is all about community from giving back all their tips to different local charities to adorning their walls with a plethora of local art including art, photos and ceramics. Grab a hot cup of the best damn dirty chai you’ll ever have and peruse the art and if you’re feeling it, buy some.

4 // Foundry Provisions: Old Northside

You’re here for the paninis, Circle City Sweets croissants, the bottomless cups of coffee and to work on that novel you’ve been writing since college or maybe for an afternoon meeting, but then you find yourself checking out the modern portrait on the whitewashed brick wall. You finish all your treats and head home with that painting, feeling good about life.

5 // Fountain Square Brewery: Fountain Square

Beer and art, they go together like , well, art and beer. The folks at FSB make some top-notch beer and they host a ton of local music, events and art. Down some pints with friends, but save enough to purchase a painting or two to add to your collection at home.

6 // Jockamo’s Pizza: Irvington

Irvington has a great art scene and Jockamo’s makes sure to celebrate it by always having a good selection of artists throughout the place. The pieces are as varied as the pizza options that you and your friends will be debating on eating, all we can say is make one of them the Cheese Louise, other than that it’s in your hands.

7 // The Legend: Irvington

Another Irvington eatery, The Legend has served home-style comfort food since 2003 and over those years it has continually supported the local arts scene ever since. This place always feels like home and so you’ll have a perfect idea of how you’ll feel about that new plein air will look in your home.

8 // Porter Books and Bread: Eastside

This new(ish) spot in Fort Harrison just feels like a place that should have local art hanging on the walls, and it does. It also has books to read, sandwiches to eat, coffee to drink and comfy seats. Grab one of each and enjoy.

9 // Pure Eatery: Fountain Square

Pure is the perfect spot to end an evening in Fountain Square either after a show at The Hi-Fi or The White Rabbit or spending a night of gaming at Tapper’s. While you’re making your way through a Grady’s melt, and maybe one last beer for the evening, enjoy the ever-changing array of local art on the walls.

10 // SoHo Café & Gallery: Carmel

This is maybe the biggest coffeeshop you’ll find around the city with multiple rooms and sitting areas and there is art in nearly every room. Check out the swath of different styles of art while sipping on a fresh cuppa joe and don’t miss out on the gelato.

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