10 International Street Photographers Who Change The Way We See The World

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank:


Think of a city. Of its winding roads and bustling crowds and tall buildings and piling garbage and whatever else. Now look closer. Think of the strange colors that jam up against each other for a brief moment, or the constant and ever-changing potential for violence, or danger, or love. Think of the way a totally mundane occurrence, when captured from just the right angle, can look like a still plucked from a sci-fi film.

Mumbai, India, 2007–13

Architectural critic Jonathan Glancey defines cities as “zoolike, forestlike places planted with trees and alive with animals.” And thanks to the medium of photography, the goings on of these dense zoos can be captured and made immortal for all the world to see. Whether behind the doors of a New Yorker’s apartment or in the overcrowded streets of a Brazilian shanty town, these everyday happenings are art in motion…


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