This guide has rounded up the top 10 arts festivals worth attending this year. So whether you are just looking for the sheer joy of a film festival or looking for an amazing cultural experience, there is something here for you.

The Knysna Literary Festival

The Knysna Literary Festival will take place from 9-11 March 2018. The festival was founded by Pam Golding Properties in aid of promoting South Africa’s rich and diverse literary, artistic and cultural heritage. This year, the Knysna Literary Festival is nine years old and is the only festival along the Garden Route that hosts exclusive groups of hand-selected authors. The theme of each festival is usually focused on hot topics and each platform creates a space for readers to interact with the authors present.

The Klein Karoo National Arts Festival

Well-known as the KKNK festival, the Klein Karoo festival is an Afrikaans festival that has developed over the years into an all-around arts event that caters to all communities. This year the festival will take place from the 29 March-4 April 2018 in Oudtshoorn, and it will showcase the Afrikaans culture through dance, music, and theatre. The festival also rewards best performers with trophies and cash prizes. Read more