10 Political Figures Who Resemble Famous Artworks

artnet News | Christian Viveros-Fauné:

Amid the anger-fueled circus that is the current political convention season, few people are willing to make the argument that this country (or the world) is undergoing anything akin to a renaissance—political, artistic, or otherwise.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are so unpopular that the election is being cast as a choice for a least-hated contender for president. That dislike—or outright fury—is catching. Cleveland, the host city for the Republican National Convention, looked less like a shining city on the lake last week than Iraq’s Green Zone. Philadelphia, which this week hosts the Democratic Party convention, looks set to illustrate Hillary Clinton’s pugilistic slogan: “Fighting for Us.”… Read more

Image: Left: Jan Vermeer, Young Woman With A Pearl Necklace (1662-1665). Courtesy of Wikicommons. Right: Hilary Clinton, 2016. Courtesy of Wikicommons