2021 – celebrating conscious curating
An open call for exhibition proposals

The curator in ways is the imagination that frames the conversation, bringing different
voices, distinct palettes into dialogue. As we have been so aware under lockdown,
the capacity of the human imagination resides in the relation between things, between
beings. We are diminished when we cannot make expressive contact with one another.
The curated space helps the viewer to find relationships again, to think across and
between performances, works of art, installations, and to pay a fresh attention to
connections and conjunctions so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

For the past 50 years, from our home in the heart of Cape Town, the Association for Visual
Arts has housed exhibitions that promote the discursive and experimental nature of
contemporary art. In a time of upheaval of our society, when support for the arts is not a
policy priority, we take our role more seriously than ever.

This year’s call for exhibitions in our various spaces in 2021 encourages curators to
propose exhibitions that question, prod, reflect or which carry daring ideas or maverick

The events of 2020 have required us to move some scheduled exhibitions into next year’s
planning. As a consequence, there are no more than ten slots for curated group
exhibitions plus five for solo exhibitions for our selection committee to program. In addition,
we will schedule a line-up called 2021 New Media series in our new media room, which is
designed for audio-visual art works.

I am a curator, what do I need to consider?
This is the time to get your creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild, but
let’s keep a few practicalities in mind:

At the AVA there are 3 different galleries; Main (92m2), Long (30m2), and Mezzanine
(36m2). Please indicate in your proposal in which gallery you imagine installing your
exhibition. The members of the selection committee will do their best to accommodate you,
though final placement depends on programming.

Cost and the option of co-production
Principles of shared decision-making, experimentation and collaboration are at the heart of
the AVA. In line with this, we extend our ArtReach support to curators this year. If you
choose this option, you may be invited to negotiate a co-production package with us that
may include aspects of marketing, programming, artist liaison or fundraising.
If you choose to fly solo, please note that you will be liable for the gallery rental as stated below. You will still receive all standard AVA facilitation services in terms of  marketing, installation and running of the exhibition.

Main gallery: R6 000
Long gallery: R4 500
Mezzanine gallery: R3 500
New Media room: R1 500
Curating a group show

Do you have a concept for a group exhibition but need more artists?
Don’t worry; if your exhibition proposal is successful, you will have the chance to reach out to AVA’s vast network of artists through a second call for proposals, for artwork specifically.
I am an artist and I want to participate, how can I be included?
Great! Let’s explore your options.

Solo exhibition
There will be space for five new solo exhibitions. Proposals are adjudicated on strength,
suitability and coherence of the body of work proposed. A competitive proposal includes a clear concept and images of recent work or sketches for future work to support this.
Please note that gallery rental applies to proposals for solo exhibition.

Inclusion in curated exhibitions
If you are not ready for a full solo show, there is another option; After the curated
exhibitions have been selected, a second call may be published for artists to submit works
for specific group exhibitions. So keep your eyes peeled to our feeds!

Artist as curator
Maybe it is time to dip your toe in the curating pool? In the spirit of interdisciplinary
practice, we encourage artists, too, to propose curated exhibitions.

What is the 2021 New Media series?
Over the past few months, many of us have come to truly appreciate the value of film,
video, and sound. Not only for entertainment, but as a means of documenting and
connecting to the outside world. To celebrate this enhanced appreciation for the moving
image, we are calling for proposals for curated series of film or new media works. The
series will be screened in the New Media room. Six slots are available and the curated
series can run over multiple slots throughout the year.

Ready to apply?
Click the relevant link to fill in your application form below. Forms are also available in hard
copy at the gallery. We look forward to receiving your proposals!
• Curated group exhibition, co-production with AVA Art Reach (https://www.ava.co.za/
• Curated group exhibition, solo production (https://www.ava.co.za/submission-form)
• Solo exhibition (https://www.ava.co.za/submission-form-solo-exhibitions)
• Mini Festival series (https://www.ava.co.za/submission-form-minifestival)
DEADLINE: 15 August 2020