Louis JaLouis Jansen van Vuuren

The inseparability of art and life

A personal narrative

Louis Jansen van Vuuren was born in 1949 in Middleburg in the old Transvaal (Mpumalanga). He is descendant of Dutch and French immigrants who came to South Africa in search of a better life.

The youngest of four children, he knew from an early age the artist’s way was how his story would unfold. The un-nameable urge to paint and document what was around him; to be able to interpret his personal vision through colour and feeling was the ultimate in creative happiness.

His first solo exhibition in his hometown at age 17 marked the beginning of the critical and commercial success to come. He studied art and design at Stellenbosch University winning prizes, awards and scholarships. During that time Professor Otto Schröder, Alice Mertens, and Dr. Bows were particularly influential in what he calls his developing years. “My life has always, and still today, holds a serendipitous element – people always inspired and supported me in the quest of becoming an artist.”

It’s been decades since his first exhibition in his hometown. Since then Louis has participated in numerous exhibitions in South Africa and around the world. He lives with his partner, Hardy Olivier at their chateau in the French countryside.