4,000 year old art gallery found in Siberia

The Siberian Times | Anna Liesowska:

There are ancient images of humans, a bull, a trees and birds in 20-plus ‘perfectly preserved’  petroglyphs in a remote spot in TransBaikal region. Most intriguing in the newly revealed rock art is a figurine and nearby a human-like image is a circle, seemingly a sign of the sun. Scientist Sergei Alkin said: ‘We can assume that the figure with the solar sign depicts a shaman with a drum.’ The experts kept the ancient art gallery discovery under wraps for three years to preserve the integrity of the site as they returned for more trips to study the intriguing drawings… Read more

Image: The image of a figurine, close to which is depicted a circle – a solar sign, the sign of the sun – is highlighted on the cap of one of the scientists. Picture: Sergei Alkin