Cape Town is home to a vast array of structures that are significant within the world of architecture, and showcase the design and structural talent of local alongside international architects.

The city is known for its vibrant display of art, culture, and design in all mediums – from fashion, music to buildings – there are a few buildings in and around the Cape that will fascinate and delight.

Here are five architectural wonders in Cape Town 

1.Bosjes Chapel

This angelic structure is located at Worcester’s  Bosjes Estate, and the structural design brings many locals and tourists alike to the estate. The structure was built and designed by a London-based architectural firm, Steyn Studio.

The chapel was inspired by Psalm 36/7, it was designed to appear as if it was floating or gliding along the water. The chapel has been created to represent an open space that acknowledges the rolling hills and all of Gods natural creations.

The chapel made it on the 2018 ArchDaily building awards as a finalist for the category of religious architecture.

It may resemble the wings of angels as the structure dips inward with a wing-like structure and is a unique building in the Cape with visitors flocking in to view its beauty. Read more