5 Images Of Naked Women That Challenge The Male Gaze

Refinery29 | Katy Harrington

Born in South Africa in 1968, artist Lisa Brice spent extended periods of time living and working in Trinidad before settling in London. This month, Brice’s work – which includes large-scale paintings that address the longstanding art-historical tradition of the female nude – will go on show at Tate Britain for the first time. Her work depicts women, alone or in groups, chatting, getting dressed, undressing or escaping the heat of the sun for a beer or a cigarette. Brice captures women in moments of downtime, engaged in a private world, performing everyday rituals. In so doing, she confronts male objectification and representations of traditional femininity.

Her images subtly reverse the traditional portrayal of passive female figures by male artists for male viewers, and return power to the women involved. Brice’s heroines are sometimes introspective, yet never passive. The show is part of Art Now, a series of free exhibitions at Tate Britain focusing on new and recent work by emerging artists…read more
Image: Lisa Brice