Rembrandt and Vermeer masterpieces taken in 1990 heist linked to James ‘Whitey’ Bulger are stashed in Ireland, says sleuth

John Wilson
Sun 4 Nov 2018 07.02 GMT Last modified on Sun 4 Nov 2018 18.16 GMT

There’s an easel on which once stood The Concert, a masterpiece by Johannes Vermeer. It is now the world’s most valuable missing work of art, worth an estimated $200m. On the far wall, a gilded rectangle frames only silk wallpaper.
It once held Christ in a Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Rembrandt’s only known seascape. Like the Vermeer, it was cut from its frame in 1990 and disappeared, along with two other Rembrandts, five Degas sketches, a Manet painting, a landscape by Govert Flinck and a bronze finial from a Napoleonic battle flag. In all, around half a billion dollars worth of art.

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