Philiswa Lila
Skin, Bone, Fire: The First Album
NWU Main Gallery


Philiswa Lila – Entsizwa I, Oil on canvas | 46cm x 61cm

“Skin, Bone, Fire: The First Album” a Solo exhibition by Philiswa Lila, 2018 Absa L’Atelier Gerard Sekoto winner.
Through this exhibition, Philiswa explores the physical, mental and spiritual spaces held close by her personal experiences. She focuses on the link methods or story methods of remembering. Philiswa is particularly interested in memory histories and personal identities. She is influenced by the nuances of language, meaning and experiences of individualism, especially concerning the physical and emotional senses that are related to humans and animals.

Philiswa’s work is multi-disciplinary, which include painting, installation, performance and writing. Many of the techniques used in her installations are linked to forms that will fit bodies. Her choice of materials is important to the recording of stories using bodies as archives and traces of personal experiences that connect the past with the present.

Exhibition runs 2 April – 5 March

Philiswa Lila – Entsizwa II, Oil on canvas, 46cm x 61cm


Philiswa Lila – Portraits III | oil on canvas, 69cm x 92cm