A Beautiful Tribute to Marius Lourens by his wife, Mariana Lourens.
BEFORE DAWN Group Exhibition – Marius Lourens (1956-2020)
For MARIUS LOURENS a Dutch Reformed Church minister, art was a way of living, it came very easily. He regarded the creative process as a spiritual calling, a meditation about reality and what defines life. “When I take my pencil on an excursion… some of the images become paintings, others laser cut steel sculptures and other just a moment in time. I hope you will enjoy the joyride”. Marius passed away on 4 December 2021 due to complications of Covid-19. The joy that he lived with, shared, and created, will always be part of us. During the lockdown he worked tirelessly to create new artwork and produced endless new ideas – life was just too short. 23