Google is apparently rolling tools that should make it easier to assess the context and credibility of search results.

The internet has been flooded with A.I.-generated images for some time now, but surely nobody is mistaking these strange, viral pictures for real artistic masterpieces?

If there is any confusion, it appears to be on the part of the internet itself. Google has been caught putting A.I. knockoffs of famous paintings at the very top of its search results, according to a report in Futurism.

First, it happened when art-lovers typed in “Edward Hopper,” which returned an image of a woman staring wistfully out the window. The work had a few qualities familiar from the legendary American artist’s oeuvre, evoking themes of isolation, introspection, and containment within a domestic interior. Nonetheless, its flat, artificial sheen was a very poor imitation of Hopper’s brushstroke.

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