Artnet: Sarah Cascone

The initiative will let people all over the country enjoy works from the NPG collection. Many of the most-beloved British works of art in the National Portrait Gallery do not hail from London. Like the artists that created them or the subjects they depict, these works grew out of life in a range of cities and towns across the country. With that in mind, the museum has made the unusual decision to send 50 artworks back home, so to speak. The initiative, calling “Coming Home,” will see 50 pieces travel to places with close ties to their subject.

“We are determined to ensure that more of the UK can see some of our world-class art collections,” said culture secretary Jeremy Wright a press event announcing the project, according to the Guardian. “Every corner of the UK has well-known faces who have played a significant role in our nation’s history. I am delighted that 50 of these famous figures will be returning home so that current generations can be inspired by their stories.” …Read More

Pictured: Tracey Emin with her Death Mask (2002). | Photo by National Portrait Gallery.