Dwarfs in Art: A New Perspective

9pm, BBC Four
Royal pets, figures of fun, creatures from another realm and various other offensive depictions: for centuries, dwarfs have been misrepresented in art and culture. In this film, Richard Butchins presents a superbly illustrated account of the ways society has portrayed dwarfism – from Snow White to Game of Thrones – and seeks the opinion of members of the Restricted Growth Association, who suggest that “we need people with dwarfism in the media doing something not related to their height”. Mike Bradley

Bollywood: The World’s Biggest Film Industry

9pm, BBC Two
Enjoy the satire of cult YouTubers All India Bakchod, meet the woman who is sticking it to male hero culture, and find out why western dancers are flocking to Mumbai to work on Bollywood dance numbers. A fascinating finale to this revealing portrait of the world’s largest and most vibrant film industry. …Read More

Pictured: Tom Shakespeare (l) and Richard Butchins. | BBC/What Larks productions Ltd/Simon Lloyed