The Aardklop National Arts Festival, based in Potchefstroom since 1998, will be terminated with immediate effect in its current format.
This announcement has been made by the board of directors of Aardklop. The Aardklop Foundation will in the future focus on new, innovative models to continue its support and advancement of the performing arts.
“The festival has made a huge contribution supporting the performing arts, but in the arts industry it is necessary to be creative and innovative. After 18 years the question is if a festival is the best vehicle to support the arts in the current environment,” said adv. Louise Barretto, Chairperson of Aardklop and the Aardklop Foundation.
“In an industry where festivals play a almost exclusive role in sustaining the performing arts, the board realised that it is vital to innovate. We are looking at the development of new and fresh initiatives that will make a dynamic contribution to the preservation, advancement and support of the arts. The emphasis will still be on quality.”
On behalf of the board Barretto expressed her gratitude towards festivalgoers, artists, sponsors and other friends of Aardklop, who have enthusiastically supported and attended the festival since its inception.
Andries Vrey, CEO of the festival, thanked Potchefstroom for its partnership over the past 18 years. “Thanks to the legendary hospitality of our host and its community festivalgoers descended on Aardklop year after year tot celebrate the arts in this friendly city.”
Vrey also conveyed his gratitude towards the employees and collaborators of the festival.
In 2011 Clover entered into a five-year contract with Aardklop and came on board as the title sponsor. “Clover took the festival to new heights and played a leading role in the success of the festival. Without the support of Clover, and all the generous contributions of other sponsors through the years, the industry would have been a lot poorer. We are thankful that Clover has decided to renew it’s sponsorship to support us in our new initiatives, and look forward to an exciting new relationship with Clover and our other loyal sponsors”, Vrey said.
According to Vrey an announcement regarding the new model and initiatives, already commencing this year, will be made in the near future.