Adriaan Diedericks at 99 Loop Gallery

Adriaan Diedericks | Christened Ships:

25 January – 24 February 2017

at 99 Loop Gallery, 99 Loop Street, Cape Town

Opening in early 2017 is the latest solo exhibition of sculptures by Adriaan Diedericks. ‘Christened Ships’ draws on ancient, local and personal history to combine the focus and skill that have made Diedericks a rising star in the South African art world. The exhibition opens 25th January at 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town.

The work in ‘Christened Ships’ brings to mind the sculptural forms of Ancient Greece, with undeniably contemporary refinement. Drawing on Classical, African and European mythology, Diedericks incorporates imagery that hints at how the past haunts present consciousness.

Just as the mythical Theseus was given a ball of twine to follow in his search through the Cretan labyrinth, there are clues for the audience to follow in ‘Christened Ships’. We can connect visual threads of themes that Diedericks has been exploring since his first solo exhibition in 2015, and which he here refines. Theseus, St Sebastian, Adamastor and other myths are all explored through elements of the sculptures, with the central imagery focusing on journeys, colonisation, violence, progress and identity – all subjects that speak to the problematic nature of power.

The impact of the collection lies not only in its intriguing imagery, but in Diedericks’s use of scale, with sculptures ranging from 2.4 metres tall to a mere 30 cm.

As much as his work is a personal and purposeful journey for Diedericks, just like a labyrinth serves metaphorically as an introspective path, so too does each viewer of this body of work gain different insights into the work and, ultimately, into themselves.

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Image: Image of Corpus being sculpted. Photo: Adriaan Diedericks