In February 2022, the Imbali Visual Literacy Project, in partnership with the MTN Foundation and the Western Cape Department of Education, packed their bags, loaded up their art supplies, teaching materials and Imbali Artbooks, and set off for the Western Cape where they facilitated a series of artbook workshops.

The workshops took place in George, Malmesbury and Caledon, with teachers joining from as far afield as Oudtshoorn, Beaufort West, Joubertina, Kranshoek, the Crags and all along the West Coast. Teachers participating in the workshops carved with soapconstructed with cardboardpainted and drew still life artworksmixed and played with colour and engaged in various other art-related activities with an array of found and everyday materials. They also looked at artworks from the Imbali Artbooks’ Adventuring into Art series, with all of them returning to their classrooms with an invaluable set of skills and resources for their students.


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