Africa ReViewed: The Photographic Legacy of Eliot Elisofon



November 21, 2013 – August 24, 2014 (new opening and closing date)

Museum: African Art Museum

Location: Sylvia H. Williams Gallery, Sublevel 1


Eliot Elisofon with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance, 1947, Kenya


This retrospective exhibition is the first in 40 years to celebrate the legacy of internationally renowned photojournalist Eliot Elisofon, who traveled to Africa on 11 expeditions to photograph its people and landscape for Lifemagazine. Elisofon became known as the first photographer to make post-war images of Africa and its leaders popular in American media. His photographs, collected objects, films, books, and journals virtually transport you to Africa during the mid-20th century. The exhibition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the museum’s Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives.


Read this and other great art-icles at source: http://www.si.edu/Exhibitions/Details/Africa-ReViewed-The-Photographic-Legacy-of-Eliot-Elisofon-4981