AfrikaBurn 2013 Brings Art To The Tankwa Karoo Desert In South Africa | Photography

Stupid Dope | MMM | Tamika Frye:



AfrikaBurn is a festival that brings the arts to the Tankwa Karoo dessert in South Africa.

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This annual event invites artists to display their pieces of art and then light it up in a fiery finale, sort of like the Burning Man festival in Nevada. The regional event hosts about 6,500 people. It follows the same eleven  guiding principles as the Burning Man festival with emphasis on the “communal effort, deccomodification and total expression of the self.”

Following last years Archetypes these, AfrikaBurn welcomes thousands of people, participants and visitors, to take in some of the awesome works of art on display. Artist Daniel Popper brought a massive structure to the event. His three-story sculpture of a man with outstretched arms seems to be one of the most popular. It is outfitted with custom LED lights for nighttime viewing. The lights were custom programmed with seventeen different simulations by Justin Eastman. Many of the other exhibits are a combination of different ideas including abstract art and illuminated pathways. This year’s event is scheduled to take place From April 28 – May 4.


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