When Amy Greenspon decided to kick off the fall season at her New York gallery with a two-person show of work by Boyd Rice and Darja Bajagić, she had no idea she was about to trigger a firestorm. But after Greenspon Gallery sent out a mass email announcing the exhibition, a thread began circulating on artist-resource listserv Invisible Dole. The subject line read: “WARNING: neo-nazi showing in nyc.” Within a week, the exhibition was canceled.

The listserv email was referring to Rice, an artist and experimental noise musician who has been something of a controversial figure, with confirmed ties to white supremacist leaders. (He has denied being a Nazi.)

In 1989, Rice was photographed holding a switchblade wearing the uniform of the white supremacist group American Front, alongside organization founder Bob Heick, for an article about Neo-Nazis in Sassy magazine. Around the same time, he was a guest on Race and Reason, a public access television show hosted by White Aryan Resistance founder and former Ku Klux Klan official Tom Metzger. Read more