After Its Restoration Fail Inspired Comparisons to ‘Beast Jesus

After Its Restoration Fail Inspired Comparisons to ‘Beast Jesus,’ This Statue of Saint George Has Been Triumphantly Un-Restored
The damage seems to have been undone, though the internet never forgets.

Kate Brown, June 24, 2019
Spanish specialists have managed to fix a badly botched restoration that left a 500-year-old sculpture of Saint George looking like a cartoon character last year. It took three months and $37,000 to restore the statue to its former state.

The Church of San Miguel de Estella in the Spanish province of Navarre had hired a local company to the figure, a classical depiction of the Christian martyr on horseback clad in armor and fighting a dragon. But what was supposed to be a subtle intervention left the figure with garish pink skin, flat gray and red armor, and badly painted eyes.

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