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Imperial War Museum, London
A provocative exhibition pulls together artistic responses to our era of global chaos – from eerie drawings of dying cities to Grayson Perry’s glib painted pots. In the main hall of the Imperial War Museum, London, the outline of a drone has been marked out in white lines by the artist James Bridle. Yet this ghostly image of 21st-century war immediately exposes the intellectual weakness of the exhibition it announces.

Do we really live in an age of terror? Looking around I am not convinced. Towering above the drone drawing is the museum’s most frightening and stupendous “treasure”: a V2 rocket. Next to that is a V1 flying bomb. Compared with the first half of the 20th century, when two world wars ravaged humanity, ours is still…read more

Image: A little pat … Jitish Kallat’s Circadian Rhyme 1 (2011) | Photograph: Anil Rane/Thelma Garcia/Galerie Daniel Templon