Christie’s is suing the airline for $2.6 million for allegedly damaging one of the artist’s works.

Delta Airlines wants you to “keep climbing,” but it might be better to spare your art the bumpy ride—at least according to one lawsuit.

Insurer Zurich American is suing the airline to the tune of $2.6 million on behalf of Christie’s for damage to a painting by Gerhard Richter, one of the most expensive living artists in the world.

According to documents filed in federal court this past February, Delta was entrusted with a Richter Abstraktes Bild (1994) in “good condition” for shipment from New York to Christie’s in Los Angeles. Thereafter the painting was delivered by air and arrived at Christie’s “not in the same like good order and condition as when received by Delta,” according to the brief complaint. “To the contrary, the consignment was delivered in a damaged condition and seriously impaired in value.”

The lawsuit was first reported in the New York Post. read more