Sandton Chronical |  Jessica Knibbs:

When many think of blacksmiths, images of historic times come to mind along with horses and carriages. However, there are still some in this day and age who make a living from the profession.  Master blacksmith Paul Mikula hosted his unusual exhibition held at Saartjies Nek near Hartbeesport Dam and guests were able to marvel at some of his magnificent creations.

 The profession of a blacksmith is believed to have originated during the Iron Age when it was discovered that some type of rock would give up a substance when heated and then solidified once cooled down. Small pieces of iron ore were placed in a clay furnace and after a few hours a small piece of iron was produced. This piece of iron, also known as the bloom, would be hammered into the desired shape to produce tools and …read more

Image | Rose Johnson from Morningside marvels at Paul Mikula’s magnificent design.