Apartheid Survivor To Art Activist

Forbes | Laura Begley Bloom:

During the horrific reign of apartheid, South Africa’s black residents were evicted from their homes and forced to move to townships far beyond the city center. While apartheid was abolished more than 20 years ago, these townships remain. They are still largely segregated, very poor and off the radar of most travelers coming to South Africa. At the age of just 30, Palesa Ngwenya is helping transform these areas through her position as development coordinator of Maboneng Township Arts Experience. “We turn homes in the townships into art galleries,” says the young South African woman, who grew up during apartheid. “It’s about showing people that you can use what you have to do things that can change your life.”… Read more

Image: Palesa Ngwenya, a 30-year-old South African, is transforming homes in the townships into art galleries. Courtesy of Laura Begley Bloom