Art at Home – art market in South Africa and making the most of your art – Part 1

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Kate Crane Briggs – Culture Connect SA

Making the most of your art at home – tips and tricks from the experts. Stefan Hundt, curator of Sanlam’s collection, starts with an overview of the South African ecosystem. Avid and canny collector, researcher and art advisor, Phillippa Duncan gives insights and inspiration, especially for getting value for money. Sara Hallatt shares her (and her family’s) art at home. She heads up Joburg’s largest studios, August House – two artists based there finished the presentation, Nyakallo Maleke and Roland Gunst aka John K Cobra. This was convened by Kate Crane Briggs on Zoom 11 Aug 2021, Cape Town. It was the first of a series by Culture Connect about loving your art. Comments very welcome.