Sunday Times | By Gcis Vuk’uzenzele

A newly-created Art Bank gives artists a chance to make a living from their talent.

Art is a great tool for social cohesion and it also teaches and archives the past and future of the journey of South Africans.
This is according to fine art photographer Manyatsa Monyamane who had an opportunity to exhibit her work at the launch exhibition of the National Art Bank situated in the National Museum in Bloemfontein in the Free State.
The art bank will not only help promote artists but those lucky enough to have works of art purchased, will be in a better position to make a living through their craft. Most importantly, however, the art bank will preserve South Africa’s treasure.

Monyamane, who originates from Mamelodi and holds a BTech degree in photography from the Tshwane University of Technology, said she is a born storyteller through imagery.
“I am delighted to have my work exhibited here because this opens possibilities of it being licensed to various establishments, viewed and consumed by a lot of people from different walks of life,” said Monyamane…read more

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