The Association des Naturistes de Paris (Association of Naturists of Paris) has announced – and rapidly closed, due to a rush on the limited spaces – a naked tour of the Palais de Tokyo on 5 May. The French capital’s contemporary art hotspot will host an exclusive matinee for members of the association to visit the museum-wide Discorde, Fille de la Nuit exhibition.

The tour will, l’Internaute reports, commence at 9:30am, guided by a member of the gallery staff, also in the nude, and take in works by eight different artists, including the British artist George Henry Longly and French collaborators Kader Attia and Jean-Jacques Lebel.

While the Palais de Tokyo’s regular collaborator, Anna Wanda Gogusey, is behind the event’s delightfully sunny poster, the gallery itself did not advertise it. When the Guardian asked why, the reply was circumspect: “It is an event proposed and led by the naturists themselves; they can tell you more.”

Laurent Luft, the president of the ANP, says the idea was the gallery’s: “They contacted me in December, just as I was beginning to think we should do a cultural event of some kind.” They explained they were looking to do new things, to which Luft replied that they were of course interested, but had the gallery seen the name of their association? Read more