The arts play a rich and purposeful role in business, commerce and industry especially in a country as diverse, as textured and as dynamic as South Africa.

In February BASA continues to celebrate 20 years of facilitating that role in South Africa when it hosts a Colloquium that will examine the strides the two sectors have taken in partnership and symbiosis, and that will set its sights on growing the business/creative sector relationship in the future.

BASA CEO Michelle Constant says: “The arts as shared currency and the value of the arts to business and society are at the heart of what the Colloquium is about. Importantly we look forward to a day of learning, and importantly fun.”

New York-based Laura Callanan will give the keynote address. She is founding partner of Upstart Co-Lab – an organisation that connects the arts, impact investing and social entrepreneurship to create more opportunities for artist innovators to deliver social impact at scale. Laura will speak on Impact Investing in the Arts, a new area of business arts engagement. The US Embassy supports Callanan’s trip. “I am very much looking forward to visiting South Africa, sharing what we have been learning at Upstart Co-Lab on the power of impact investing in the creative economy. I was last in South Africa in 1998, when both impact investing and social entrepreneurship were evolving into the forces for change that they are today,” comments Laura Callanan.  Read more