AN exhibition of paintings, drawings and mixed media works of 16 artists will be exhibited at the St Anne’s Hall, Mariannhill Monastery from November 5 to 13 from 10am to 4pm on weekends and from 12pm to 3pm on weekdays.

Three local artists, Gill van Wyk, Rita Fenske and Scott Kotze will be exhibiting.

“One of our artists went up and did beautiful painting of monastery, Peter Robinson, the artistic value, architecture and history fascinated him and it inspired us,” Van Wyk said.

They then decided to do exhibition to honour the Trappist monks for the contribution they made to South Africa through an art exhibition.

The artists drew inspiration from visits to the missions and outstations built by the Trappist monks between 1882 and 1908.

“The Mariannhill Monastery was founded in 1882, when Father Francis Pfanner from Austria came to South Africa and brought the Trappist monks here. At first they found it extremely difficult to adapt to South Africa. They were foreign to the land and were a silent community, who did not communicate by speaking,” Van Wyk said. Read more