The German capital is getting its infamous Berlin Wall back – at least for four weeks.

A group of artists said on Tuesday they’re planning to build a facsimile of the wall around a downtown Berlin block in mid-October.

Visitors of the art installation must buy “visas” online starting at 15 euros ($17.50). When entering the walled area, they’ll have to exchange their cellphones for a smartphone which will provide individual instructions for a tour including documentaries, exhibits or concerts.

The artists are not interested in creating a “Disney-style East Germany”, said Thomas Oberender of the Berliner Festspiele which organises many performing arts events in the capital. Instead, the intention is more focused on creating an experience of travelling to a foreign country and losing the sense of freedom.

“Maybe it’s not going to be so exciting overall,” he said. “However, I think it will be.”

Visitors will not know in advance what kind of events will take place on the day they’re “in the city inside the city”, as the project has been dubbed. The smartphone they’re given may lead them to a fake conference of scientists or a meeting with a counselor. If they reject that offer, they will be suggested another event. Read more