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Researchers Are Using Google Street View to Predict Your Vote – A Stanford University team analyzed 50 million images from Google Street View—a favorite playground for web-savvy artists—to predict neighborhood residents’ income, political leanings, and buying habits. It turns out that Chicago is the city with the highest level of income segregation, with large clusters of cheap and expensive vehicles parked along the road, while New York boasts the most expensive cars. Social analysis using image data is a new frontier, researchers say. (New York Times)

La Salle University to Sell 46 Artworks – New year, new deacessioning controversy. The Philadelphia university plans to sell 46 works by artists including Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Georges Rouault from its museum’s collection. The estimated $7 million sale at Christie’s—tentatively scheduled for this spring—will fund a five-year strategic plan to boost teaching and learning initiatives. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Why Jerry Saltz Loves the New Artforum – The critic hails the January issue of Artforum—the first by the magazine’s new editor-in-chief David Velasco—as an unmitigated success. In the wake of the resignation of co-publisher Knight Landesman, the issue features an unflinching editor’s letter from Velasco about men who abuse their power and “smart, accessible articles… turning topically to real-world subjects rather than insular or technical matters that might’ve preoccupied the magazine in earlier eras,” Saltz writes. (Vulture)…Read More 

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