Plus, more art critics slam the Met’s “Epic Abstraction” show and an Italian court scolds the Getty for a “careless” acquisition

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Peter Schjeldahl Hates the Met Abstraction Show, Too – New York Times critic Roberta Smith wasn’t the only one disappointed by the Met’s exhibition “Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera.” In a new review, the New Yorker critic called the show “oppressive” and accused the museum of “congratulating itself on liberal virtuousness.” Schjeldahl argues the show tries to cut corners by overemphasizing a small painting by Carmen Herreraand leaves out two key movements, France’s Tachisme and Northern Europe’s CoBrA movement. (New Yorker)

Italian Court Says the Getty Was “Careless” to Buy the Victorious Youth – The LA museum showed “unjustifiable carelessness” in buying the ancient Greek statue, Italy’s supreme Cassation Court ruled last month. In a judgement made public on Wednesday, the court criticized the museum for relying on consultants appointed by the seller. The Getty is appealing the ruling that the bronze discovered off the Italian coast belongs in Italy.(ANSA) …Read More

Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s.