WHITE RIVER – On Saturday, October 28, Franci du Toit, the curator of the art collection that will be displayed in the High Court, opened an art exhibition, at the White River Art Gallery at Casterbridge. It runs until Monday, October 20.

The art on display are the works of Du Toit, Ayanda Nkosi, Linda Shongwe, Ndwandwe and Winston Thekiso. Du Toit is also the creative consultant of Ulusaba Lodge, Sir Richard Branson’s private game lodge in Sabi Sands, and was responsible for the interior design during the recent renovations at the lodge.

Jacques Terblanche, principal architect of the Mpumalanga High Court and the artists Nkosi,Shongwe and Thekiso also attended the official opening. Du Toit said it was important to her to expose these talented young artists.:

“I would like to see that the artists I’ve discovered in the last year while I was working on this project, are provided a further platform. The public should experience their amazing talent in order for them to continue with their art.” Read more