Art of the matter: Much more than meets the eye

Times LIVE | Shelley Seid:

Lifescapes, an exhibition of the works by local artist Jenny Hallowes, is on at the Tatham Art Galley until January 22. Shelley Seid spoke to the director of the Tatham, Brendan Bell, about one of the paintings on display. What is it? This oil painting is titled “Scavenger”, one of a number of works on show depicting cattle. In most, cattle wander along deserted beaches. In this painting the cattle are resting in a laager formation, probably facing away from the sea breeze. The background suggests a landscape of misty hills. As in her other cattle paintings, Hallowes’ viewpoint is from the sea looking at the beach and beyond… Read more

Image: HERD SCENE: Jenny Hallowes’ painting fuses thoughts, feelings and memory