Abortions are one of the most taboo subjects in our country. Yet that silence is endangering both expectant mothers and their unborn children. This is something that support group ‘Fem’ are desperate to change.

Opinions on abortion and the morality of the process are highly contentious, with pro-life and pro-choice views being met by stinging criticism from each warring faction.

The human cost of abortions in SA

However, those who suffer most at the heart of the dilemma are the women who fall pregnant. Unwanted pregnancies are met with feelings of shame, guilt and suppression. Left with no support structures, these women often make some highly unsafe choices.

Though abortion is legal in South Africa, there are many backstreet practices that will carry out the procedure without the required medical knowledge or facilities. Fem say around 50% of abortions here are performed in ‘potentially dangerous’ environments.

Something has to change, and difficult conversations need to be had: That is exactly the objective of Fem’s I-Express art competition, which encouraged young artists to create street murals that raised awareness of the issue. Read more