Art Times Facebook News Portal Passes 200K Followers

We would like to thank all of our online supporters for helping us reach a record 200 000 Facebook followers earlier this week.

Our rapidly growing social media platform is by far a leading source of art news and entertainment, focusing on the diversity and strength of South African art; but the success of our leading arts brand is a manifestation of the hard work and commitment of our news team, as much as the quality of our content.  


Our dedicated aim at the SA Art Times is to expose the work of South African artists to the public at both a local and international level, promoting and inspiring our local artists to greater heights. We are, therefore, proud of the overwhelmingly positive reception that our social media platform has received – and we have you to thank. 

“In passing the 200 000 mark, I believe that we are doing something right. Here, at the Art Times, we all look forward to reaching 1 million follows,” says Gabriel Clark-Brown, Editor of The SA Art Times.