iol | Lara de Matos:


The arts are dying. Or, for the more fatalistically inclined, the arts as we once knew them are all but dead. This was my declaratory statement during an opening address, where I was asked to offer up my five minutes’ worth on the state of the arts in this country. 

Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa at Chatsworth Youth Centre.

That the event was one designed to mark the inauguration – and by extension, a celebration – of an education facility dedicated to all things music, art, dance and drama could explain why this is probably not what the organisers were hoping to hear.

Sentimentality aside, however, the current state of our arts and culture institution, from a legislative perspective at any rate, does leave you wondering if we are butmoments away from hammering the final nail into the A&C’s coffin…


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