Art work at Polokwane Show raises eye brows

Review Online:

Polokwane- The art piece was made by a local artist from Tzaneen, who donated it to the police to help raise awareness on the brutality of child abuse. A woman at the show told Review she was shocked and angered by the art piece and even asked that it be removed. Const. Jessica Makhubela, who works with cases of child abuse told Review the art piece shows the truth about child abuse. “It is the reality of what happens when a child is abused. People want to look away or distance themselves from it. But the truth is it is ugly and it ruins lives. We hope that it will force people to start talking about the issue and know that what they try to hide is a crime. Children suffer for much longer than the actual ordeal lasts, that’s what people don’t seem to understand,” she explained… Read more

Image: Const. Jessica Makhubela raises awareness on child abuse at the Polokwane show