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The desert is an enduring symbol in the visual arts—it serves as a metaphor for solitude and peace, an Edenic respite from the bustling concrete jungle. In contemporary art the desert has become the physical site of burgeoning art communities, like Donald Judd‘s Minimalist haven in the Texas town of Marfa, or the Burning Man Festival that descends upon Nevada’s Black Rock Desert every summer.

For the artist Andrea Zittel, the desert is more than just an escapist fantasy—it is her actual home. Zittel’s 70-acre estate unfurls across the California desert, on the edge of the Joshua Tree National Park, where she has established “A–Z West,” a multipurpose residential and studio complex. …Read More

Pictured: Still from the Art21 “Extended Play” film, “Andrea Zittel: ‘Wagon Station Encampment.'” © Art21, Inc. 2015.