Artist Erects Immense, Illegal Sugar Sculpture in Warehouse

artnet News | Sarah Cascone:

Ten feet tall and brightly-colored, the latest sculpture by Baltimore-based Matthew Gray is actually a massive candy bar, crafted from 7,000 pounds of Domino sugar and 2,520 pounds of corn syrup, cooked with 282 pounds of water. Strangely enough, that may not be the most incongruous thing about the work: Gray has decided to plop the oozing obelisk down, unauthorized, in a condemned warehouse in East Baltimore.

In the past, Gray has worked with brands such as Microsoft and Patagonia, but described his new piece, installed on February 17 after three years of planning, as “a gift to the city and creative community” in a statement. He’s lived outside Baltimore for 20 years, and has chosen 2200 Aisquith St. as the site of the work, despite being unable to secure official permission for the project… Read more

Image: Matthew Gray, God Bless the Child (2017). Courtesy of Matthew Gray