Artists Are Protesting a New Cuban Law That Requires Government Approval of Creative Production

Artnet: Sarah Cascone

The Cuban government says it must pre-approve all independent cultural activity starting December 1, according to legislation first published in the official state paper, Gaceta de Cuba, in July. But artists are pushing back against Decree 349, as the legislation is titled.

Artistas Cubanxs en Contra del Decreto 349 have created a Facebook page and published an opposition letter to Cuban president Miguel Diaz Canel, who has been in power since April. “We believe that Decree 349 does not present a sound vision of the future for Cuban culture,” reads the letter. “The new laws restrict the creativity of the Cuban people, and criminalize[s] independently produced art, limiting the ability to determine who can be an artist to a state institution.” …Read More

Pictured: Artistas Cubanxs en Contra del Decreto 349. Photo courtesy of Artistas Cubanxs en Contra del Decreto 349.