Artist’s View: Wrong end of racism

Times Live:


Close-up footage shows protesters engaging in a struggle with French ”robocops” outside Friday night’s performance of EXHIBIT B in St Denis, Paris.

Someone fell. Someone was dragged away. As I watched, the camera zoomed in on a splash of blood on the white paint of a road marking. My blood ran cold.

TYRANT: The artist is perplexed at the hostile reception to EXHIBIT B, which exposes the horror of racism

I watched metal barriers unloaded from trucks on Friday afternoon; I watched battalions of black-clad riot police mustering; all with a sense of unreality.

I try to keep the cast calm. Most are from Paris. They’re upset. Angry that people are violently against their work. Angry that people want to stifle their voices. EXHIBIT B relies on a gentle, intimate regard between performers and spectators…


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