Arun Kakar and Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Welcome to The Art Industry Trends Report 2023, Artsy’s new research-driven report on the key issues impacting art galleries today. This year, we surveyed gallery professionals and dealers from 85 countries to ascertain the major factors affecting the art industry in 2023, from the art driving the most sales to the ways that art professionals are meeting new collectors.
Below, find the five key trends we gleaned from this year’s survey. To see our full analysis and data insights, download the full report here.
Last year was marked by the full return of the physical art world, as COVID-19 restrictions across the globe mostly ended for good. Despite the return of in-person fairs and events, the online sales practices that flourished during the pandemic remain an important source of revenue for galleries today. Plus, our survey’s respondents intend for online sales to be a primary source of growing sales in the future.

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