Aspire Art: A Good Time | Exhibition

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Exhibition curated by Michaela Limberis at Aspire Cape Town
A Good Time celebrates the early careers of a group of local artists over the past decade, from university to the present moment. The exhibition is a conversation of current, formative, and exploratory works, reflecting parallel and intersecting journeys over time. This assembly of works questions the methods by which value is commonly determined and what factors may come to constitute a ‘good time’ in an artist’s career. Featured artists include: Rory Emmett, Alice Gauntlett, Bonolo Kavula, Sepideh Mehraban, Heinrich Minnie, Lena Dewaegenaere, Siwa Mgoboza, Nobukho Nqaba, Gaelen Pinnock, Jake Singer, Sitaara Stodel.

The show opens at 6pm on Thursday 6 October and runs until 3 November 2022.