131//A// GALLERY

131//A//Gallery presents ‘Assimilate’ a group exhibition featuring artworks by Olivié Keck, Christiaan Conradie, Lyndi Sales, Anton Karstel, Sarah Biggs, MJ Lourens, Jo O’ Connor, Asha Zero, Adele Van Heerden, Ferdi B Dick and Conrad Botes.

Exhibition on until 11/12/2020

Christiaan Conradie – Six Feet Of Electrical Cable, 2020, Oil on paper , framed, 35cm x 50cm


Olivié Keck – Hope Springs Eternal, 2020, acrylic on hardwood, 71cm x 48cm, framed


Adele van Heerden – Botanical Arrangement with Horse, 2020, Ink and Gouache on Film, framed, 84cm x 59cm



MJ Lourens – The Crucible, 2020, Acrylic on hardwood, 90cm x 70cm


Sarah Biggs – Kimchi crags, 2020, Oil on drafting film, framed, 27,5cm x 18,7cm


Anton Karstel – Fig. 876(d), 2020, Oil on stretched canvas, 35.5cm x 27.5cm