20 August to 17 September 2022


Madeleine Henning’s work is inspired by the unconventional beauty of shape and form, both simplistic as well as detailed.  She aims to communicate emotion and evoke memories through ceramic imagery.  Her preference for clay as a medium lies in its limitless nature which allows complete freedom of design and expression.

Madeleine Henning

The female figure as an object of beauty is an ageless concept in artistic depiction. The social standard of what constitutes female beauty changes with time and culture, but a constant theme of wholeness prevails.

The artist runs the Rhoda & Madeleine Henning Pottery Studio in Pretoria in partnership with Rhoda Henning.  She took part in Ceramics SA’s Regional Exhibition in 2019 and had a two-person exhibition with Marie Vermeulen-Breed at the Association of Arts Pretoria in 2021.

Closing date:  Saturday 17 September 2022

Association of Arts Pretoria
173 Mackie Street
Nieuw Muckleneuk

Madeleine Henning



Madeleine Henning

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