Throughout the Ages, art has always been an important part of any society, never independent from any culture. However, when it comes to art today many of us often feel a lack of understanding and frequently wish we knew more.

As John Ruskin the famous English art critic of the Victorian era put in: “Life without work is guilt, work without art is brutality.”

Through art education we can learn to understand and appreciate the skills, the media, the historical background, and the importance of the artworks in the past and through this the present. We can learn why and how it inspires us, gives us joy and it enriches our lives. Every artwork or artefact conveys a story of the personal, the sociological, the political, and the religious influences behind the creation. How do we connect these artworks with others and what can we learn from them?

With many of us leading busy lives it is not always easy to dedicate 3 or more years to full or part-time study in the traditional sense. This course has touched a nerve with many students wanting to further their art education. The flexibility to learn online with a personal tutor has many advantages. You can study when and wherever it suits you.

This Art Appreciation Course is directed by art and antiques consultant, broadcaster, international lecturer and writer Hilary Kay, familiar to audiences for her many appearances on the BBC’s Antique Roadshow Programme. Hilary has brought together 12 leading art experts to provide students with a wonderful overview of art history, covering all aspects of Western art from its very beginning all the way up to the 21st century. It is an unhurried detailed look at the broad shifts in art, highlighting the most influential artists and artworks. It discusses the changes in ideologies, clearly reflected in the art of the day. This is a comprehensive online art course delivered in a supportive online learning environment. The course will help students to think critically and become art savvy.

A tutor is allocated to the student at the start of the course. This allows for the student to develop a personal relationship with the tutor. All tutors have been handpicked for their own professional success and their ability to pass on what they know. The tutors are not just teachers, but leading professionals in their area of expertise.

The course contains 12 modules, which are downloaded from a student site. Each module averages 60 pages and at the end of the lesson, there is an assignment to complete. The assignments are challenging and thought-provoking. Once the assignment is complete and submitted, the allocated tutor will mark the assignment and give the student specific constructive feedback as well as advise how the student can improve.  Student support can be contacted at any time.

The course has flexible payment options on offer and enrolling can be done at any time as there are no specific starting dates, once enrolled you receive login details and you can get started immediately. You can go as fast or as slow as you like, there are no deadlines and students will have up to a year to complete the course.

If a student decides the course is not suitable, there is a “7-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy” in place.

Everyone is welcome to enroll in the Art Appreciation Course. The only requirement is that you have a passion for Art and a willingness to learn.

For some, this course will be a brilliant overview to add to previously gained qualifications, and for others, this will be the first step to explore this exciting new realm further.

The online Art Appreciation Course is fun and flexible! Art history with a twist!


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